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2 Years Replacement warranty | Live Video of your Product before shipping | 4.5⭐ rated in amazon(click here to check)
2 Years Replacement warranty | Live Video of your Product before shipping | 4.5⭐ rated in amazon(click here to check)
cast iron dutch oven

How to Maintain Cast Iron Cookwares

Cast iron cookware's were traditional and healthy option for healthy family. These cookware's were made using high grade cast iron raw materials using advanced machineries to bring you quality and smooth finishing. Before choosing cast iron cookware's we should keep the below points in our mind, otherwise your purchase will ends up in disappointment.

1. Choose Lead or toxin free Cookware's:

Please keep it in your mind that you are choosing lead free cookware's to your family. some local cookware's would contain harmful lead or other toxic material which would cause illness to our body. We at sparkenzy made our prestigious cookwares using high grade (FG240) raw material in manufacturing our cast iron tawas, kadai, skillet etc..

2. Never Go for Cast iron cookware's quoted with Teflon or enamel:

Some companies use Teflon coating and enamel coating to their cast iron cookware's for making their product Non stick from first time, but this kind of coating will make harmful to your body in long run. Cookware's should seasoned only in traditional way. So that cookware's can easily become non stick and also it doesn't make damages to your body like Teflon coated tawa's. Our Sparkenzy Range of cookware's will be Pre seasoned using Organic gingelly oil to season our cookware's with the help of industrial oven. We never use any caotings for making non stick to our cookwares.

3. Go for thick and Heavy Cookwares:

Heavy Cast iron cookwares can be bit tough to handle during regular application but we should keep in our mind that cast iron cookwares should be slight heavy than normal cookwares due to its nature but only heavy cookwares can last long time, even for 100 years and will be non stick compare to light weight cookwares.

4. Seasoning of Cookwares:

Please go for Pre Seasoned cast iron cookwares, Only Preseasoned cookwares can be used easily from the first time itself without any stickiness. Never choose coated cast iron cookwares, which is same as non stick cookwares which they uses teflon or galvanized coat.

How to Season cast iron cookwares:

  1. Pre Seasoned Cast iron cookwares still need to be seasoned for first time
  2. Instructions:
 Step 1:  You can use plant-based oils like sunflower or canola, but a lot of people swear by flaxseed oil. Pour in some oil and rub all over evenly, then use a paper towel to clean off the excess oil. A cast-iron pan is porous and the pores tend to soak in all oil creating a non-stick surface. Flaxseed oil gets more preference because it dries the hardest and creates a more long-lasting coating but it can also be a bit heavy on your wallet. Canola oil works as well. You can even try using butter or coconut oil; these may not be the best options though.Step 2: Next, place the pan upside down in the oven and heat it to the highest. The heat allows the oil to break down and bond with the pan while forming a firm layer.  Leave it in the oven for an hour after which you can turn off and remove the pan when it is completely cool.More Tips:If you’re seasoning a new pan repeat this process three to four times but with 30 minutes in the oven. This helps in giving a new pan a smooth, finished surface. If you are seasoning an old cast iron pan, your first step should be to remove the rust that has accumulated over the years. One way to do this is to make a mixture of salt and oil and scrub it all over the pan. Once done, dip the pan a few times on hot water to clean the surface. Another way to rescue a rusty cast iron pan is to submerge it in a tub full of white vinegar and water (half and half). Allow it to soak in for about two hours. The vinegar will help dissolve the rust. Later, scrub gently to scrape off the remnants.Finally, here are the two most important things that you should bookmark. First, a cast iron pan that is seasoned well is used well. Second, every time you cook in your cast iron pan, you are actually seasoning it, which helps in filling up the pores that may have been exposed over the time. So, the simple rule is that the more you cook the smoother the surface will turn out to be.A cast iron pan is also a very dependable cookware in your kitchen. Now that you have brushed up the basics, grab your pan and get cooking. Just promise us that you will keep it well-seasoned and cleaned.